Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chicago Area Cops Gone WILD, Kick Car Chase Suspect In Head

Earlier today I saw a car chase on the news, and gave it little thought. Was the typical car chase with crash at end, suspect trying to run, then realizing the game was over laying down on the ground and surrendering...but it seems there is FAR MORE that was not shown in that original report I saw. Watch the video, watch the suspect lay on the ground and spread eagle, then watch the cop run up, gun drawn and KICK THE GUY IN THE HEAD LIKE HE WAS KICKING A MELLON! Can we say Police Brutality? Quick, someone call internal affairs, and get this guy an attorney...he maybe be doing some prison time, but the officer doing the kicking needs brought up on charges, and the city of Chicago needs to write this criminal out a BIG CHECK with some zeroes in it!

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