Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NORML Over Reacts In Dropping Connecticut Group

OK, a Connecticut NORML Vice President over reacted in an email sent to an elected official, stepped over a line that should not have been crossed...said Vice President has resigned. So why is the National NORML now abandoning the folks in Connecticut, effectively trashing the organization, disowning them in full. One person makes a mistake so you throw and entire chapter under the bus? NORML, you greatly disappoint me! To the folks in Connecticut NORML...we would gladly take all of you into our fold, would love to have everyone of your members as Budding Bloggers. On a day when a sleaze bag, tighty whitey New Canaan Republican deliberately killed the bill that would have decriminalized Marijuana, NORML choose to throw your chapter under the Political Correctness bus instead of growing a set of balls and standing by you in your time of need...they should be ashamed of themselves.

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  1. Love the poster from the 2008 Portland Hempstalk! What it has to do with Connecticut, I'm not sure.