Thursday, May 14, 2009

CNN Mouth Piece For Federal Government (DEA/DARE) Marijuana Propaganda?

War on Drugs (Marijuana) Heating Up as CNN Puts Out Reefer Madness 2009 Style Propaganda

Just in on CNN (May 14,2009) is a story on the increased potency of Marijuana these days. Seems that the pot smoked today is twice as strong as the pot I smoked as a teenager/young man. What disturbed me about the story was its presentation that smacked of the same insanity that was/is the classic 1937 Propaganda Piece of fame and legend, "Reefer Madness" More disturbing is doing a GOOGLE search and finding out CNN has been rehashing and reissuing this same basic story FOR YEARS...any one care to ponder the WHY OF THAT? Is our Government paying BIG MEDIA to run these story, or DICTATING to them? Notice the DATES!
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    May 2, 2002 ... PAULA ZAHN, CNN ANCHOR: And the "Big Question" this morning at 25 after the hour , is today's pot more dangerous than the marijuana people ... - 24k - Similar pages

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    May 27, 2003 ... And also the fact that today's marijuana is a lot more potent than the marijuana we're used to with THC levels sometimes up to 30 percent ... - 29k - Similar pages

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    Jun 25, 2008 ... A study released last summer compared pot being smoked today with what was smoked back before 1992 and concluded it is 175 percent more potent, ... Experts believe marijuana causes more damage to the respiratory system ... - 62k - Similar pages

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    May 27, 2003 ... ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: The maple leaf on the Canadian flag is ... And also the fact that today's marijuana is a lot more potent than ... - 30k - Similar pages

  • First, Marijuana/Cannabis/Reefer is not Devil Weed, nor is it a GATEWAY DRUG. Secondly, why is major medica becoming the mouth piece of the Federal Government, continuing to put out propaganda pieces that seem to have been written by the DEA, DHS and the FDA. Legalization is coming, we are almost to the natinal TIPPING POINT, and it is criminal that the DEA and our Federa Government are escalating the War on Drugs, a last minute orgy of arrests and prosecutions before we closed the book on the decades old failed Marijuana Prohibition Policy responsible for ruining the lives of millions of innocent Americans.

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