Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Night Ramblings...

Greetings readers...sorry for my absense, but in the process here of trying to get camp open for the summer...a task made more difficult by the fact I have decided to move our site, which means a lot of extra work that I had not planned on. Further complicating things...our camp Internet it turns out is NOT turned on until opening day which is tomorrow. So, I have bee missing in action here.

I am volunteering at a 10K Run tomorrow morning, which means I have to be up in five hours, so this post is going to be short. I know...I wanted to pop on briefly to encourage everyone to really work hard, as we are SO CLOSE (I think) to tipping the scales and seeing our best hope at getting Medical Marijuana legalized nationally, and perhaps even seeing decriminalization of pot. That said, I caution those living in states that have already approved Medical Marijuana to be VERY CAREFUL...there are too many horror stories of innocent citizens being persecuted by the Federal Government which so far seems intent on ignoring state's rights, and state law that contradicts the Federal War on drugs. Even worse, governors in these 14 states refuse to TAKE A STAND, refuse too order the DEA out of their states until they can respect state laws and state's rights.

As example, look at Michigan...just as the state was taking its first steps as a Legal Marijuana state the DEA stepped in and busted a couple even though they (he) were legally entitled to grow medical marijuana for personal medical use.

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