Thursday, May 7, 2009

Twitpic as Online Photo Storage? Could Be.

Spring Ferns on Twitpic
This is not really a Medical Marijuana story, but in some ways it is as I look for new ways to use various resources to activate and build a grassroots army. I have uploaded some pictures today through Twitpic to Twitter. In doing that, I found out I can post those pictures to my own blogs by pasting and cutting some HTML which Twitpic provides with the photograph...which got me to thinking...what if I were to create a Twitter/Twitpic Account that all my Budding Bloggers had access to that we all used to upload and create a 420 Photo/Clip Art file that we could all share and use in our blogs. I would love to hear what some of our bloggers think of this or a similiar idea...I like Twitpic, as it is fully and completely FREE with no limits that I have found so far.


  1. Online photo storage is cool. Auctiva has one that I use and it workds pretty well.

  2. Seeing as the pic from Twitpic has ceased functioning, it is obvious I need a better place for photo storage...will take a look at Auctiva.