Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Thoughts

Happy Earth Day everyone...trying to be up, jovial and pleased that on this ONE DAY OF THE YEAR people are acting like they care about Mother Earth and the Environment. Sadly, people do not care enough to actually make SIGNIFICANT life changes to save our planet. Here is a little factoid our current rate of population growth and consumption of goods, by the year 2050 we will need two planets earths to meet our consumption and use of Natural Resources.

Yet does anyone want to talk about world wide population control? Anyone want to talk about learning to live without massive quantities of material goods and services? By the way...we recently found a planet that MIGHT support human life. A) Why are we looking unless government knows something they are not sharing, and B) That planet is 20 light years away, so if you are counting on that to help us by 2050, FORGET ABOUT IT. We need Negative birth growth until we reach a world wide maintainable population of around 2.4 Billion.

Sorry, no latest and greatest cell phone, no TV for every kid in the family, and no you do not need to live in a 6800 square foot house (not counting the finished basement). Ladies...find a new hobby besides SHOPPING as it is not good for the environment. How many of you today on this Earth Day still had your Starbucks, or ate lunch at a fast food place? How many of you drove three blocks to get a few things from the grocery store, or to pick up a pack of cigarettes...CAN WE SAY WALK? How about banning cell phones, or limiting it to ONE PER FAMILY. Same with cars, televisions and family pets. One dog, or one cat, you do not get to have one of each. Here's a clue...think Globally, but BUY LOCALLY...shipping crap in from China contaminates the world environment, is not good for Global Warming.

Since this is a Cannabis/Medical Marijuana blog, curious here how many of you are fine with the Government war on Marijuana? Have you bothered to look at the ENVIRONMENTAL benefits of Hemp? Did you know that Hemcrete is stronger than Concrete? Did you know that Bath University has found a composite material made from Hemp and lime that has a negative (less than zero) carbon footprint...that's right, Hemp Siding is good for the environment. Did you know that Hemp can be used for bio fuel. is great for various textiles and plastics, and can help in cooling the planet. Hemp paper saves trees...trees and their canopy cover are Mother Natures world air conditioning system. But you are fine with Mother Nature's miracle plant being outlawed here in America, accept government propaganda without question...and you call yourself GREEN?

This Earth Day, if you want to really do something wonderful for the planet, how about taking a reality pill, how about realizing that Mother Earth is in crisis...buying your child cookies with Green icing does not count as a EARTH DAY ACTIVITY, try doing something REAL for a change, like changing your entire lifestyle to one that is EARTH FRIENDLY. One other thing...Michele Obama, you are a hypocrite and a liar....your White House garden has cost us taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, and is not an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY GARDEN. You calling your garden green is like Al Gore justifying his obscene energy use by saying, "but I buy carbon offsets"...fuck you Al Gore, you are an inconvenient truth, a perfect example of the over consumption that is killing this planet.
Next time you reach for that latest toy, or want to buy that fourth computer when there are only three people living in the house, ask yourself, "Do I really need that, or would the Earth be better off if I did without."

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