Friday, April 17, 2009

President Obama, Eric Holder Sell Out Medical Marijuana Distributor Charles Lynch In California, HAVE LIED TO AMERICA

On April 11th I asked people in the Bloggosphere and on Twitter to write letters of support for Charles Lynch, a Medical Marijuana Shop owner who has wrongfully been STALKED by the DEA, even though he was in full compliance WITH ALL CALIFORNIA LAWS. It was the hope of many within the Medical Marijuana community that the Obama Administration's public statement on Medical Marijuana would see victims of criminal persecution by the DEA would see their cases dismissed. In a letter just released, the DOJ basically tells subordinates that Eric Holder is fine seeing this man hung up by his balls as an example to every other Medical Marijuana Care facility in America...the 13 states that have LEGALIZED Medical Marijuana are encouraged to take a stand, encouraged to ORDER DEA out of your states even if it requires ordering out your State Highway Patrol and State National Guard troops to accomplish the eviction, order all Federal Courts chained shut until such time as this important State's Rights issue is resolved in favor of the states. (DEA people are cocksuckers, plain and simple.) (Judge for yourselves...newspaper article.)

In this breaking news just out we have learned that President Barack Obama, Eric Holder and the entire United States Department of Justice are back stabbing two faced, snake tongued sleaze bags who are promising to leave states who have made Medical Marijuana legal alone, while in reality turning up the heat and attempting to visit a Holocaust upon the Medical Marijuana Caregivers in the hopes of killing this budding industry,leaving millions of patients suffering in the wake of this Federal Persecution of Business people and Medical Marijuana Caregivers who have gone to GREAT EXTREMES to operate within the FULL EXTENT of their local and state laws, including paying their taxes.

For the 420 Community, this is a Ruby Ridge level crisis...Charles Lynch, a law abiding citizen of the state of California (which has legalized Medical Marijuana) and hundreds of other citizens just like him are facing up too 100 years in Prison because of an unfair and unjust DEA Witch hunt. If there was ever a time where citizens should exercise their First Amendment Rights, that time is April 29th in the Courtroom of Judge Wu, on the steps of his Federal Courthouse, and in the front of EVERY DEA OFFICE IN CALIFORNIA...take your digital cameras, and get photographs, put the faces of the DEA agents online, identify them, know them, keep them OUT OF YOUR SHOPS, OUT OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOODS. Once you identify them, protest in front of their homes until this DEA, Department of Justice sanctified WITCH HUNT IS PERMANENTLY STOPPED through the full nationwide legalisation of Medical Marijuana.

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