Tuesday, April 21, 2009

At 53, Tired of Living In Shadows

Just posted the below article in my National blog...by the way, we are still looking for Budding Bloggers if any of you Hempsters are wanting to volunteer to write on a state or a city level, please email me. Perhaps the whole border/drug war thing with Mexico is refocusing certain things for me, but am I the only one that finds it odd that President Obama calls for compassion when it comes to Illegal Aliens, says it is time for them to be allowe to come out from the shadows, but he has no similiar feelings of compassion for 25 million American Citizens who are forced to live in the shadows, forced to hide the fact they occassionly enjoy smoking a bit of bud?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4/20 Day After Reflections

First thing I found interesting about 4/20 was the almost exclusive blackout of NEWS COVERAGE of the day and events. When you think about it, think about how much marijuana and the drug war have been in the news lately, and all of a sudden yesterday, there was NOTHING about 4/20 day. You hate to say planned media black out, but it does seems as if that was the case. I will qualify that by admitting I do not watch local news. To all my fellow smokers, those who do it recreationally, and those that do it for medical reasons...how can we ever win this fight, get Cannabis legalized when so much APATHY exists? Illegal Aliens are on the brink of getting AMNESTY because they MARCHED. Gays are starting to get their civil rights, Gay Marriage almost a reality...can we say Gay Pride Day parades? Equal Rights would NOT HAVE HAPPENED without MARCHES AND PROTESTS. Ending the Vietnam War...same thing, protests and marches. Peaceful protests, exercising our civil rights and having large enough events that the MEDIA HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO COVER THEM is what we need.

Was fun being on Twitter with other smokers...made the day less isolating, as I do not live in a community where I can walk down the street to my friend's house and get my BUZZ on. At 53, I am tired of having TO HIDE who I am, tried of having to hide the fact that I smoke from my neighbor's and many of our friends, and tired of having to feel ashamed because I like to get high every once in awhile. It is funny, but how can President Obama talk about illegal aliens being given Amnesty, being allowed to come out from the shadows, but he is fine with making 25 million pot smokers live in the shadows. Why should be have to feel like criminals, why should we have too hide our behaviors...seriously, how many of you have your little STASH hiding place at home, freak out now and again when you forget to put STUFF AWAY and suddenly a neighbor stops by and you are rushing to stuff your pipe in the coffee table drawer?

I am working on a BIG painting job here in my house, so need to finish this article up, swig down my last gulp of coffee and get to work. Hope every one has a nice 420 day, and hope everyone does something in the coming year to move us close to the day when we can come out of the shadows.

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