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Is Legalized Medical Marijuana Coming To New York, and Will DEA STAY THE FUCK OUT?

On the unofficial Cannabis day of 4/20 the final negotiations put the polish on a Medical Marijuana Bill that was introduced today in the New York State legislature. Have not seen the bill, but its my understanding that patients could grow up to twelve plants, and be in possession of 2.5 ounces of dried Medical Marijuana. Growers would have to keep the plants in a fenced in locked area...wondering here if the state would/will consider licensing Medical Marijuana growers?

Some people just cannot grow things, have a proverbial black thumb when it comes to plants of any kind. A qualified, licensed grower and dispensaries make a LOT OF SENSE from my perspective. But then, I also think that legalization and taxation of Cannabis makes sense, as does the decriminalization of Hemp for industrial purposes. From the business end of everything, I am annoucing right now that I would like to work with people from California in getting the JUMP in opening up the first Medical Marijuana CARE CENTERS here in the state of New York...please contact me if you are interested in developing something.

In the article, it is pointed out that State Senator George Maziarz opposed the bill. He needs a wake up call on Medical Marijuana...either VOTE to allow patients this valuable medication, or WE WILL DO ANYTHING IN OUR POWER TO SEE YOU DEFEATED when you run for re-election. Yes, I am suggesting WE TARGET every Senator that OPPOSES Medical Marijuana...if you want to call that a witch hunt, I am fine with that...after all, President Bush had a Pro-Life litmus test for his Supreme Court Picks.

The most worrisome thing about this development...will the DEA respect our state rights, our right to self determination when it comes to Medical Marijuana? If not, should the DEA be kept out through the use of CITIZEN MILITIA? When you consider Charlie Lynch's situation, the situation of hundreds of other law abiding citizens in California, it is a serious question. The DEA, Eric Holder and our President seem bent on IGNORING States Rights in their wrongful WAR ON MEDICAL MARIJUANA, so maybe the only way to protect dispensaries from DEA harrassment is with the use of STATE SANCTIONED citizen militia.
Many private groups have created their own organized citizen militias. In the United States, some people think of these groups as extremist anti-government organizations, but some of them actually work extensively with their local governments and their activities are supported by the states in which they work. For a government, a well organized citizen militia is a useful tool, since it an be used to provide a pool of trained and dedicated individuals in the event of need.

"I think anyone who is in chronic pain, who has terminal problems, could benefit greatly from this," said Peacock.

He is going to Albany to advocate for medical marijuana, on the day when several lawmakers introduce a bill to legalize growing and using medical marijuana under certain circumstances. Some medical professionals maintain it is an effective treatment for pain and nausea, and is used by some cancer patients. Other medical professionals seeing it differently, saying there are other medications that can achieve the same results. Ellie Martinez, the campus director at the Renaissance campus, a treatment campus for chemically dependent teenagers, thinks legalizing medical marijuana is a bad idea.

"If you have people who are going to be growing it for medical purposes, how are we going to enforce or monitor that they are in fact growing it for themselves and not the whole neighborhood," said Martinez.

The bill calls for plants to be in a fenced in area with a security device, available only to the caregiver or patient. But there are still many questions about this bill and enforcement. Legislation in favor of legalizing medical marijuana has passed in the assembly in the past, but not the senate. Joel Peacock hoping it is a different story this time around.

"It could lower health care costs. As I said earlier my prescription drugs are 32 thousand dollars a year. That is more money that some people make, just to keep me functioning," added Peacock.

Assemblyman Sam Hoyt is a multi-sponsor of the bill. State Senator George Maziarz, who is against it, does not know if it has the votes to pass in the senate. Governor Paterson's office released this statement toady, which said, "If the bill successfully passes both houses and reaches the Governor's desk, the administration will seek input from interested parties before the Governor acts."

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2009_04_weeds.jpg It may be 4/21, but two state lawmakers are introducing legislation to legalize medical marijuana. Assemblyman Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan) and State Senator Thomas Duane (D-Manhattan) were to introduce a bill today. Gottfried, who previously sponsored a similar bill that passed in the Assembly but was stalled (of course) in the Senate, said, "I think we've got by far the best chance we've ever had." The Daily News has some details: "Under the bill, people suffering from specific diseases such as cancer or HIV-related ills could obtain a certification from their doctor that would allow them to possess up to 2-1/2 ounces of marijuana and up to 12 plants." Governor Paterson's spokesman said, "if the bill successfully passes both houses and reaches the governor's desk, the administration will seek input from interested parties before the governor acts." Ganja Grannies and Gramps are crossing their fingers.

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