Friday, April 24, 2009

So Friday Medical Marijuana Buzz

Going to attempt camping up by Woostock this weekend, so wanted to get an article up on this blog while I had the opportunity...if I do not get back before Snday night, everyone have a GREAT last weekend in April.

There is a lot of BUZZ going around the Medical Marijuana community as our movement to legalize gains more and more momentum. Judge Wu postponed Charles Lynch's sentencing until June 11th so we are hoping there is good news being worked on there. We have FOURTEEN STATES now working on legislation or ballot initiatives to Legalize Medical Marijuana, or to simply decriminalize all Marijuana. Meanwhile, in big breaking news, seems we have a heavy hitter in Washington, DC putting Legalization on the table as a part of PRISON REFORM...we currently have over 500,000 Americans in prison on small marijuana violations.

In a FRIDAY GOOD NEWS story, it seems that there is at least one judge who gets it. Judge Darryl Ferguson ordered county sheriffs to return a Medical Marijuana patient's pot...ALL 12 pounds of it...sweet. Richard Daleman, who had all the appropriate doctor letters to grow and use medical marijuana was acquitted in March of this year, and the Sheriifs were hoping to KEEP some of this man's premium bud...the judge was having NO PART OF IT.

Richard Daleman wheels out 12 pounds of marijuana that was returned to him at the Tulare County Courthouse in Visalia Wednesday morning by the Tulare County Sheriff's Department.

Richard Daleman bags and weighs his 12 pounds of marijuana.

BY DAVID CASTELLON • • April 23, 2009

It was the last thing you'd expect to see outside the Tulare County Courthouse in Visalia: a man and his lawyer carting out glass jars filled with marijuana.

The marijuana belonged to Richard Daleman, who on March 27 was acquitted by a jury of growing and selling marijuana.

A judge ruled last week that the medical marijuana confiscated from him in December by Tulare County sheriff's detectives had to be returned.

Daleman, 61, and his county public defender, Andy Rubinger, retrieved the marijuana Wednesday from the courthouse evidence room. It came out to just more than 12 pounds, Daleman said.

"There were about 3 ounces missing," he said.

Earlier in the day, Daleman had collected growing lights and other equipment from a sheriff's facility north of Visalia.

Daleman, who had a doctor's recommendation to grow and use marijuana to treat severe pain from arthritis and old injuries, was all smiles as he rolled his marijuana from the courthouse to the parking lot — using carts provided by court personnel. He emptied it into plastic trash bags before weighing it.

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  1. Richard Daleman's story gives me warm and fuzzies. :-)