Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Thoughts Go Out To Medical Marijuana Martyr Charlie Lynch This Evening

Sitting here this evening in a very blue mood as I ponder the fate of Charlie Lynch, wonder what he is doing with what might be his last night of freedom for the rest of his life. I am angry at a government and a court system that could even think of putting this man behind bars for his *supposed* crime. I am angry at a apathetic public that has allowed this drug war to go unimpeded now for over seventy years as 20 million of our citizens have been convicted of Marijuana related criminal charges. I am upset that Governor Arnold is letting this happen in a state that has declared Medical Marijuana Legal. My greatest wraith is reserved for the 90 Million Americans who have smoked pot including President Obama, President Bill Clinton, President George Bush, and every current cannabis smoker who is not doing anything to see this man set free...hello 420 Community, we have 25 Million pot smokers in America, and there is hardly a whisper about what is being done to Charlie Lynch. How hard would it be for each of you to write a PERSONAL LETTER TO, and MAIL President Obama demanding a full pardon for Charlie Lynch and every other Medical Marijuana storefront owner and caregiver currently facing DEA charges related to activities that are legal within the confines of state law.

If Charlie Lynch is out there this evening and reading this...if you are sentenced to prison and need a pen pal, I will gladly volunteer for the job. If you want the story of your life behind bars shared with the world, I'll start a blog and see that your story finds its way into the light of day. You sir are a brave and noble man, and I admire your bravery in this dark hour as you count down the minutes until tomorrow at 3:00Pm when Judge Wu hands down your sentence. Not sure that I could muster up the courage necessary to face what you have so far endured, and what you are about to endure.

Judge have a duty to hand down justice...what justice is served in sending this man to prison? What justice was there in keeping him from mounting a adequate defense. Simply stated, I do not respect you, I have no problems here and now labeling you, the entire United States Department of Justice, and every law enforcement agent at the DEA scum...there is something terribly wrong with our Justice system, something terribly wrong with our law enforcement when men like Charlie Lynch are looking at life in prison, yet officers of the law look the other way when illegal aliens and those that hire them snub their noses at the so called "Rule of Law" in America.

Police officers want to know why we no longer respect them...just look at this case, look at the hundreds more just like it, look at the INNOCENT PEOPLE you so callously throw into a rat infested prison in the name of a War on Drugs, in the name of good relations with Mexico...FUCK YOU SIR. You want a clue...with every case like this, America's respect for law enforcement takes another hit, our willingness to be there for you members of law enforcement really 25 percent of America's population HATING THEIR FUCKING GUTS, shrugging in a, "who gives a rats ass" manner when one of them is shot? That is where these kinds of wrongful prosecutions are taking us. At this point, at the age of 53 I would not walk out on my front porch to help out a police officer in desparate need...why should I?

To those much closer to ground zero...please take the time to be there for Charlie Lynch tomorrow afternoon. Give him the honor and dignity of knowing he is supported and loved for his ultimate sacrifice in this battle. Make sure that Judge Wu hears your voices...

God's speed Charlie, and my prayers are with you.

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