Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Example of Government Propaganda That Should Come Back To Haunt Our Government...Border Patrol Fights Mexican Marijuana Infestation

Just in from our Medical Marijuana Society Network site (yes, we are slowing expanding) an interesting little blog entry...imagine a Propaganda Comic from the 1930's, its cover capturing todays Border Patrol battle against the demon drug Marijuana.

Demon Weed and Our Border Patrol

A big issue in the news right now is Mexico, and the drug war heating up along our Southern Border with Mexico. If you listen to Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder and even President Barack Obama, it's our fault as weed smoking demon spawn addicted to the evil Death Smoke MARIJUANA. The fact that Mexico does NOTHING in the way of Border Enforcement is beside the point. Even the reality that two thirds of Marijuana consumed in America is grown in America is beside the pot...WE ARE ADDICTED TO DRUGS, and we as Americans need to address the issue by giving up our Second Amendment Rights, and keeping guns form going South, while also stopping drugs (actually, the big drugs from Mexico are Cocaine and Heroin) from coming North, specifically and most often featured in the news MARIJUANA, the DEMON WEED. OK, where am I going with this? Have a look at a VINTAGE 1930's era comic...Maybe, just maybe it is time for THAT FENCE? Maybe it is time to LEGALIZE growing both Hemp and Marijuana here in America so that we kill the Market for Marijuana coming into America from Mexico?

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