Friday, April 3, 2009

Medical Marijuana Shows GREAT Promise Against Certain Cancers

In a well written article from Bruce Mirken on the MPP web site, a recent report is again showing Medical Marijuana's potential in the fight against cancer. This past year (almost one year to today) my wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We discovered her cancer early (Phase 0), her lumpectomy was a success, and the radiation seems to have worked. That said, she is not out of the dog house for five years. Being Estrogen Dominant, we had her female parts taken out this past December. Her surgery was done at Sloan Kettering in New York. Anyone that opposes Medical Marijuana should spend a few days at that hospital...we were on the 10th floor. I met several families who had a loved one that was terminal, spent time in the lounge talking to people who were dying, or had a loved one that was dying...if Medical Marijuana took away some of their pain, or maybe let them feel good for a few hours, who are we too take that away from them. If Medical Marijuana can cure, or abate certain cancers, who are we to deny them that hope?

More Evidence on Marijuana and Cancer


The evidence continues to mount that cannabinoids — the unique, active components in marijuana — fight cancer. The latest such study , just published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, shows that THC can kill glioma cells through a process known as autophagy. Gioma is a particularly deadly form of brain cancer that afflicts, among others, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.).

The good news is that this study got a decent amount of media attention. The bad news is that much of the coverage lacked context or presented information in a confusing or misleading way. Case in point: the April 1 story from the Reuters wire service.

Reuters reporter Michael Kahn presents the finding as if it were something brand new, failing to note the extensive evidence accumulated since the 1970s that cannabinoids fight various types of tumors. It reports that “studies have suggested” that marijuana may cause cancer, omitting the fact that the largest, most well-controlled studies have found precisely the opposite.

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