Friday, April 17, 2009

Just a Couple of Friday Hemp Factoids

The Cannabis Community is all abuzz as we approach April 20th (4/20) and the various and assorted planned activities around that day. Myself...I am leery as I watch the American News media beating a rather ugly sounding anti Marijuana Drum since Barack Obama took office...I see it as a "Custer's Last Stand" on the part of the DEA who does not want to lose what has been a very profitable enforcement run for example, legalization of Medical Marijuana would see enforcement issues and inspection handed over to the FDA, and Industrialized Hemp oversight would probably go to the USDA. The just say no message is being tweaked and amped up, and we have some heavy hitters (Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder) in the Obama administration blaming the Mexican Drug War on American Pot Smokers.

Some Factoids (Hemptoids)

1. At least 2/3's of American Marijuana Consumption (both legal and illegal) is grown right here in America, and we could easily grow 100 percent of our consumption if Cannabis and Hemp were legalized.

2. The Drug Cartel's and their war is not really about Marijuana, but instead is about Heroin and Cocaine and the routes needed to get their products into America.

On 420, have fun, CELEBRATE OUR DAY, but I would ask each and every one of my fellow Budsters out there in 420 land to remember the goal of Legalization, and consider signing up to do some volunteer work for the cause. We need state and city bloggers ourselves. ASA (Americans for Safe Access) and NORML probably have lots of volunteer work waiting for a set of hands that wants to pitch in.

We cannot realize our dream without every Cannabis Friendly American doing their part for the cause, and while we are on the subject, lets not forget that our friends in Canada are dealing with many of the same issues and harrassments we ourselves face.

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Hemptoids-small, sometimes rarely known facts about Hemp and Cannabis.


  1. Interesting blog. The Boomers passing the generational torch to Generation Jones may be a game changer in the movement to legalize weed. Obama, and many of his key appointees, are members of GenJones--born 1954-1965, between the Boomers and Generation X. Many top national commentators (from Newsweek, NBC, CNN, etc.) have spoken about the importance and relevance of GenJones as the new generation of leadership.

    Jonesers are by far the biggest pot smokers compared to the other generations. While Boomers are associated with pot, it was only a small, albeit very visible, segment of Boomers who actually smoked pot back in the day. Govt. and independent studies show that Jonesers as teens (in the 1970s) smoked 15 to 20 times more pot than Boomers did as teens. And not only did Jonesers smoke much more grass than any other generation of teens in US history, but still today--in middle-age--smoke it a remarkable amount. The data is really striking.

    Additionally, one of the key collective personality traits consistently attributed to Jonesers is their pragmatism; they are far likelier to put aside ideology and deal with drugs in a realistic and practical way.

    If ever there was a generation of leadership open to legalizing pot, it probably is Generation Jones. And if there ever was a time that the country might be open to this change in drug laws, perhaps it"s now…

  2. Interesting comment...I associate myself with, consider myself a Boomer, but base on your comments, see I would be a Joneser on numerous points. I was born in 1956, and all I will say about my own consumption during High Scholl, is that I had the nick name of Little Burn Out and Zappa Junior.

    I've created Budding Bloggers as a part of my Medical Marijuana Society, and am hoping to plug in (eventually) hundreds of bloggers all linked together in an effort to give us the ability to not just move news, but to make it when it comes to the discussion on legalization.

    Again, thanks for stopping by.

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