Friday, April 10, 2009

Twitter Hummingbird, The New Activist Tool of Choice

Color me impressed. I have been giving Twitter a lot of thought lately as it seems the perfect tool for the Medical Marijuana Pro Legalization community to use. The two largest groups on Twitter are 20 somethings and Baby Boomers! Face it, those are the two groups most supportive of Legalizing Medical Marijuana, and the age groups we need to mobilize in a big way if we are going to reach the tipping point sooner rather than later. Question was, how could you reach those Tweeters on Twitter in large numbers? The answer fell into my lap today with (of all things) a tweet about a new software program known as Hummingbird.

Hummingbird for TWITTER Has Arrived

First, you can order Twitter Hummingbird by clicking on the links that say Hummingbird! Throw me some love and I will be so appreciative. Here is the skinny...

How many of you have been browsing Twitter Members, drooling over those that have 20,30 even 40 thousand followers? The Shaq (as in NBA great Shaquille Rashaun O'Neal)has over one million people following him on Twitter! OMFG...share the wealth Dude! Seems someone with far more tech ability than I had the very same thought, wanted to climb the ranks of the Twitter Elite. Some script, some testing and then more script and we now have Hummingbird, the software platform for Big and Small business owners (Or Medical Marijuana Society) to build a base of people they can reach out to with the click of the enter button as your message races out to a list of Twitter Followers numbering into the tens of thousands!

This is a COOL TOOL...anyone want to sponsor the cost of the program for Marijuana_news so we can build our activist army of supporters as we push to legalize marijuana? Six sales from the link in this post or on the side bar, and we have Hummingbird, so show us some love folks!

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